Interested in wine but don’t know where to start?

Wine should be fun, not intimidating which is why we created Home Somm. We are professional sommeliers who want to bring people together to experience the joy of wine tasting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Either in your own home or at one of our private event spaces, we host wine tastings featuring wines that we love from around the globe paired with tapas-style nibbles. While you sip we’ll share the history of the different styles of wine and winemaking featured in your tasting. In between pours you get to relax, chat with friends, and enjoy your food and wine. Home Somm is all about creating a fun learning experience centered around wine, food and community.

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We started Home Somm after the prodding of many friends and relatives. For years we hosted monthly get-togethers where Chris cooked multi-course meals and poured wines with them. We also took many phone calls from friends asking what restaurants we enjoyed and wines to order there. Talking one night we realized that no one was offering a personalized sommelier service. That led us here.

When we first began dating 8 years ago, we traveled to Italy together for a business trip and realized that we not only had a mutual love for each other, but for travel, food and wine. A few years later and many great meals and bottles of wine together, the movie “Somm” came out. This movie, about four wine stewards preparing to take the Master Sommelier Exam, was the moment that began our journey to Home Somm.

In 2013 Chris signed up for classes with the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) and a new life path and passion were set. Chris is now a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers as well as having completed two semesters in the winemaking certification course at UC Davis and is a presently a Diploma student with the WSET. Chris participates in weekly tastings with an awesome group of Certified Sommeliers partnering with them in business to pass their cumulative knowledge onto you.

We would to love to share our experience and create one for you. Please join us!

Sommelier Services for Parties and Events

We work with fellow Sommeliers to assist you with services like pouring wines, making cocktails, or anything in between.

Need Help with Your Wine Collection?

We would love to help you decipher what you have in your collection and make food recommendations to create the perfect pairings.

Spirits and Other Non-Wine Beverages

Exploring not only new wines, we can share our expertise on spirits and other beverages to broaden your repertoire.

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